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English Department

Continuing in the Old 90-ECTS Master Program in English Literature (Only until the Spring Semester 2022)

Disclaimer: The applicable legal regulations can be found in the framework ordinance (Rahmenverordnung) and the program regulation (Studienordnung) for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The information below is for illustrative purposes only and should be regarded as a recommendation. In case of any contradictions between this document and the legal regulations or between the German version and a translation, only the legal regulations or the German version, respectively, have legal bearing.

Important: Students who started their studies in the 90-ECTS Master program in English Literature before the fall semester 2019 can remain enrolled in this program. They have to complete their studies by the end of the spring semester 2022 (i.e. the spring semester 2022 is the last semester in which they can graduate from this program).

The Basics

If you follow the guidelines below, you can ensure that you meet all the requirements of the Studienordnung, and that the transition does not cause any problems.

Important: There are various ways of fulfilling the requirements of this study program. If you follow the recommendations of our PDF checklist (PDF, 130 KB), you will be able to ensure that you fulfill the requirements that apply to students who continue their studies in the old 90-ECTS program in English Literature.

Note: These transition guidelines do not apply to students who started their studies in the fall 2019 or later.


Please read these recommended guidelines carefully. They will help you avoid potential problems arising from the Bologna 2020 reform.

Note: In addition to the requirements below, the number of graded ECTS in the study program must be at least 50% (i.e. at least 45 graded ECTS). This requirement will be covered if you follow the recommendations outlined in our PDF checklist.


Modules Intended for the Beginning of One's Studies

Methods and Theories (0 ECTS)

Mandatory Master Seminar Literature (old)

OR Reading Literary and Critical Theories (new)


Strictly speaking, you do no longer have to do do this module. However, we recommend very strongly that you do so.

Notes: Students can repeat these modules only once.

Language Skills and Culture (6 ECTS)

Language Skills and Culture: Higher (old)

OR Writing Skills and Popular Culture (new)


Note: Students can repeat this module only once. If one fails one of this module twice, one can no longer complete the program.


Modules Intended for More Advanced Master Students

Research-Oriented Specialization: English Literature (0 ECTS)

Strictly speaking, you do not have to do any Research Seminars in Literature. However, we strongly recommend that you take at least one Research Seminar in Literature with paper (as these are graded modules).

Any of the old Research Seminars in Literature with paper (9 ECTS) will count toward this category. Accordingly, we recommend that students complete:

Note: If one completes any modules in this category, then these 'extra' ECTS points can be deducted from the Electives.

Electives (54 ECTS)

free choice from the following module groups:

  • English Literature
  • Research-Oriented Specialization: English Literature
  • Language Skills and Culture
  • Other Curricular Modules
  • Transferable Skills


Master Thesis (30 ECTS)


Special Cases

Feel free to contact the advisor of studies if you have transferred Master-level ECTS points from other universities to UZH, or if any other aspects of the transitional regulations are unclear.