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Overview: Equivalent Modules

Disclaimer: The applicable legal regulations can be found in the framework ordinance (Rahmenverordnung) and the program regulation (Studienordnung) for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The information below is for illustrative purposes only and should be regarded as a recommendation. In case of any contradictions between this document and the legal regulations or between the German version and a translation, only the legal regulations or the German version, respectively, have legal bearing.

Equivalent Modules

Note: Below, you can find a general overview of the basic principles underlying the treatment of old modules from the fall semester 2019.

While it may be useful to read this information, it is probably less confusing to focus on the explanation of the rules as they apply to your particular study program, which are explained in detail on separate sub-sites:

(a) Literature and Linguistics

(b) Literature

(c) Linguistics

Old Mandatory Modules to New Modules

In the table below, you can see which of the old mandatory modules are considered equivalent to which new modules. 

  • If an old module is listed as being equivalent to a new one, this means that you do not have to take it again.
  • Even if an old module is no longer required (e.g. "Master Final Exam"), the ECTS points remain valid. They will now count toward the elective component.




Mandatory Master Module Linguistics (6 ECTS)

Methods and Theories in English Linguistics (6 ECTS)


Mandatory Master Module Literature (Methods and Theory; 6 ECTS)

Reading Literary and Critical Theories (6 ECTS)


Language Skills and Culture: Higher (6 ECTS)

Writing Skills and Popular Culture (6 ECTS)


Master Thesis (30 ECTS)

Master Thesis (30 ECTS)


Master Final Exam (6 ECTS)



* see detailed information regarding the transitional regulations and new programs

Old Mandatory-Elective Modules

Depending on your study program, the old regulations included not only mandatory modules (see above), but also some mandatory-elective modules:

  • Master Research Seminars in Literature (6 or 9 ECTS)
  • Master Research Seminars in Linguistics (6 or 9 ECTS)

The new programs no longer include Master Research Seminars with 6 ECTS, and accordingly these are also no longer required. However, the ECTS points do of course still count.

The old Master Research Seminars with 9 ECTS will be considered equivalent to the new Master Research Seminars (also 9 ECTS).

All Other Modules

All other modules will count as electives.