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English Department

Master: Job Prospects

The Master programs in English Literature and/or Linguistics prepare students for later employment in a range of areas, particularly:

  • administration
  • archives and libraries
  • diplomacy
  • editing
  • edication sector (incl. teaching)
  • journalism
  • museums and other cultural institutions
  • PR: advertising, and marketing
  • theater and film
  • translation

Moreover, graduates with a strong academic record will have the option of pursuing a PhD and thus lay the basis for a possible career in higher education.

Career Brochure: Alumni Portraits

For more information on job prospects for graduates of English Literature and Linguistics, download the Career Brochure with Alumni portraits:

Career Brochure (PDF, 3 MB)

The brochure was prepared by the Fachverein Anglistik (FAVA).

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Career Brochure: Alumni Portraits

Career Brochure: Alumni Portraits

prepared by the Fachverein Anglistik (FAVA), and available for download here.

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