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English Department Andreas H. Jucker

Thesis topics (Lizenziat)


Claudio Bundi: Modalität in den Antrittsreden der US-Präsidenten: Eine semantische Analyse der modal markers in den Inaugurationsreden von Washington bis Obama

Markus Killer: Teacher-Compiled Parallel Corpora in the EFL Classroom: An Assessment

Astrid Meyer: Laughing Matters. A Sociopragmatic Reading of A C. Mery Talys (1526)

Claudia Rothlin: "It’s ...": A linguistic study of Monty Python’s Flying Circus: Applying the General Theory of Verbal Humour to an episode oft he seminal British sketch show

Susanne Tanner: Weblog Cooking Recipes: Steps and Temporal Relations


Manuel Berger: Coherence in Intensified Interactivity: A Case Study of Discussion Groups in Second Life

Veronique Markwalder: Swear-words in Use: A Study of British English Non-Hierarchical Conversations


Roman Darms: Explaining the Development of English Discourse Connectives: A Multi-determinant Approach


Michèle Trachsler: "The Importance of Being Ravishing": Phraseological Modification and Their Functions in Texts

Selina Claglüna: "O Thou Public Commoner!": Impoliteness in Two Shakespearean Plays

Luzia Sauer: "and you know shit about anything?": Impoliteness, Face and Identity in Two Online Fora


Regine Barth: “Boards for bitches”: From insult to ingroup marker - a corpus-based, semantic analysis

Marcel Kistler: “JUST L()()K AT WHAT YOU GET”: Attraction, persuasion, and activation in Spam

Magdalena Leitner: Thou and You in Early Modern Scottish and Early Modern English Witness Depositions


Andrea Hodel: Early English in the Canton of Zurich: The Effects on Pronunciation

Tobias Keller: “RNB for sexy people”: English Language Use on Flyers Advertising Nightlife in German-speaking Switzerland

Sandra Kocher: The Influence of Indian English on Standard British English

Eliane Suter: “To die” or not “to die”: A Corpus-Based Analysis of 14 Idioms of “Dying”


Michael Bührer: GOOOOAAL!!! Sports Live Text Commentaries on the Internet: A Linguistic Examination of a New Text Type

Barbara Duss-Holecova: "We're a country of optimists. We're the can-do people": Persuasion in American Presidential TV Commercials from 1952 - 2004

Ingrid Faesi: Greetings as a Reflection of Culture: A Contrastive Analysis of Swiss German and British English

Simon Frey: Mandative Force: The Mandative Subjunctive in American and British Newspaper Corpora

Viola Gehrer: Invasion, Snobbishness and Loss of Culture: The Discourse on Anglicisms in two Swiss Newspapers between 1993 and 2007

Daniela Landert: How Bodies Matter in Virtuality: An Analysis of Identity Construction in Text-based Online Chats

Catherine Laurent: Making Sense in Reading Comprehension: Adolescent Swiss English Foreign Language Learner Skills in Lexical Inferencing

Christian Oechslin: "Pox upon you, rogue, would I had but time to beat thee." Nominal and Pronominal Terms of Address in Ben Jonson's Plays

Micaela Greco Parodi: Acquisition of Politeness in British English: Preschool-age Children and Apologies

Rahel Reich: "Fy on yow, hertelees": The Pragmatic Function of the Terms of Address in Male-Female Dialogues of Seven Canterbury Tales

Robyn Würmli: Self-Presentation in Weblogs


William Agius: Politeness in Computer-mediate Customer Communication

Melanie Heizmann: The Influence of Gender and Culture on the Realisation of Speech Acts: A Contrastive Analysis of the Speech Acts Apologising, Thanking, Requesting and Complaining by Swiss and Greek Non-Native Speakers of English

Louisa Nigg: Language Mixing between Swiss German and English: A Case Study on Three Multilingual Siblings


Nicole Joho: Alliteration and Scribal Variation in the A Text of William Langland's "Piers Plowman"

Sonja Lovrinov-Juras: Persuasive Strategies in Witness Examinations: The Case of Michael Jackson

Lisa Oehring: Politeness in Non-native English in Switzerland and Vietnam

Stefanie Stalder: Modality in Political Speeches. Grammatical Modal Markers in Speeches of Blair and Bush


Karin Gebhard: Text back: An analysis of text-message communication among 16-to-18-year old English students

Anja Borg: Four case studies of bilingual children: How upbringing influences competence and attitude


Claudia Aeschbacher: are u still awake...? Text-linguistic features and communicative functions of English SMS

Corinne Graf: Classroom Discourse 30 Years after Sinclair and Coulthard: Analysing Discourse in Foreign Language Lessons

Patrik Fischli: Implementation of English in PE Lessons: A Speech Act Analysis in Three Different Settings and Practical Considerations for School


Katrin Trachsel: Acquisition of English syntax in a multilingual class of less skilled pupils

Marylène Lüscher: Discourse markers in English native, non-native English and Swiss-German conversations

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