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English Department Andreas H. Jucker

Thesis topics (MA)

In progress

Rosa Brown. Terms of address in Australian English

Philipp Christen. Title tbd

Johanna Lendl. Exploring the transition from primary to secondary school: Challenges faced and strategies used by students after the Early English programme

Evangelia Metaxa. Interactive Aspects of Advertising on Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Maja Ristic. Friend or Foe? A study of the representation of Arabs in the TIME Magazine Corpus

Franziska Roth. Discourse markers in Tristan da Cunha English


Martina Mach: Parental Discourse Strategies in Bilingual Families: A Case Study of Two Swiss-English Families in Switzerland

Anita Furter: EFL: Attitudes and motivation of primary and secondary school students in German-speaking Switzerland

Hannah Jewitt. #ImPredictable: A Taxonomy of Community-Specific Hashtags on Instagram and Their Pragmatic Application

Isa Gall: Hesitation Markers in Digital Texts

Cristina Vögelin. Vocabulary learning strategies and mobile learning

Reinhard Waffenschmidt: Something uh catchy: The intercultural specificity of the planners uh and um in several varieties of the International Corpus of English


Sarah Roherer: Turn-taking and the pedagogical focus


Flora Friedrich: “i sometime doubt your human! Your so gorgeous! ♥ ♥ ♥“: A Comparative Analysis of British English and Swiss German Image-based Compliment Exchanges on Facebook

Olivia Gamper: Foreign Language Training for Dyslexic Students: A Longitudinal Case Study Assessing the Effectiveness of a Computer-Based Software


Michelle Buado: “Yeah, you need to, uh, make a decision.” Uh and um in spontaneous American English speech


Larssyn Rüegg: Offers and Thanks Responses: A Variational Pragmatic Perspective

Manuela Gloor: Dialogic monologues, monologic dialogues: Forms of interaction on YouTube video blogs


Alice Müller-Mathys: “I wolde demen that ye tellen sholde a tale”: Directives in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Carole Schmucki: The Narratives of Witchcraft Trials: A Pragmaphilological Analysis of the Trials of the Pendle Witches (1612)

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