Current teaching (HS 2022)

"Staging Disability in the Early Modern Period" (BA-seminar, Prof. Karremann)

"Humour and Gender in Eighteenth Century Literature" (BA-seminar, Dr. Schindler, guest lecturer from University of Fribourg)
"Reviewing Romantic Novels" (BA-seminar, Dr. Michoux)

"Literature and Culture of the Romantic Period" (Lecture, Prof. Karremann)
"From the Archives to the Database" (MA-colloquium, Dr. Montedoro)

"Reading Literary and Critical Theories: New Approaches to Shakespeare" (MA-seminar, Prof. Karremann)


Future teaching



Past teaching

Sophie Battell

Loss & Recovery in Shakespeare's Romances

Migrants, Guests, Strangers: Hospitality in Shakespeare

Antoinina Bevan Zlatar

Daughters of Eve

Early Modern Heroes

Green Worlds in Shakespeare, Spenser and Milton

Making and Breaking Images in 17th-century Literature

"Exile in John Milton's Paradise Lost", guest lecture part of "Migrants, Guests, Strangers: Hospitality in Shakespeare" series

Isabel Karremann

Eighteenth-Century Narratives of Colonialism

Shakespeare Then and Now

The Rhetoric of Populism in Shakespeare

Early Modern Poetry

Women and the Country-House 

London: A Literary History

The English Sonnet

Sex and the City: Early Modern City Comedies

Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture

Domestic Tragedy

Early Modern Sexualities

Ecocritical Readings of Early Modern Texts

Literature in Digital Mediation: Robinson Crusoe 

"Sexuality and desire in early modern England: Historical and literary perspectives", lecture series Gender Studies

"Stephen Greenblatt and the Textuality of History", lecture series Literary Theory

Anne-Claire Michoux

Eighteenth-Century Theatre Culture

Elegant Females and Rational Creatures: The Woman Question from Astell to Austen

Shakespeare Week

Beatrice Montedoro

Reading and Writing Early Modern Plays

Performing Shakespeare

From the Archives to Digital Database: Encoding Early Modern Manuscript Texts

Shakespeare and Visual Culture

Shakespeare Week