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English Department


Current teaching (spring semester 2024)

BA seminars:

"Poet, preacher, lover: John Donne's Multiple Identities" (Dr Beatrice Montedoro)

"The Rise of the First-Person Narrative" (Dr Anne-Claire Michoux)

"Meet the Tudors: Historical Fiction and the Court of Henry VIII" (PD Dr Antoinina Bevan Zlatar)

MA seminars:

"Gender in the Faerie Queene" (PD Dr Antoinina Bevan Zlatar)


Past Teaching

Antoinina Bevan Zlatar

Eve and her Daughters in 17th-century Literature

Early Modern Heroes

Green Worlds in Shakespeare, Spenser and Milton

Making and Breaking Images in 17th-century Literature

"Exile in John Milton's Paradise Lost", guest lecture part of "Migrants, Guests, Strangers: Hospitality in Shakespeare" series

Staging Violence: Revenge Tragedies

Isabel Karremann

The Senses in Early Modern Literature

Reading Literary and Critical Theories: New Approaches to Shakespeare

The Rise of the Novel: Transatlantic Perspectives

Reading Literary and Critical Theories: New Approaches to Shakespeare

Literature and Culture of the Romantic Period

Staging Disability in the Early Modern Period

Eighteenth-Century Narratives of Colonialism

Shakespeare Then and Now

The Rhetoric of Populism in Shakespeare

Early Modern Poetry

Women and the Country-House 

London: A Literary History

The English Sonnet

Sex and the City: Early Modern City Comedies

Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture

Domestic Tragedy

Early Modern Sexualities

Ecocritical Readings of Early Modern Texts

Literature in Digital Mediation: Robinson Crusoe 

"Sexuality and desire in early modern England: Historical and literary perspectives", lecture series Gender Studies

"Stephen Greenblatt and the Textuality of History", lecture series Literary Theory

Decolonising Robinson Crusoe

Early Modern Women’s Life Writing

Early Modern Memory Culture

Anne-Claire Michoux

Romantic Poetry: New Critical Perspectives

Reviewing Romantic Novels

Eighteenth-Century Theatre Culture

Elegant Females and Rational Creatures: The Woman Question from Astell to Austen

Shakespeare Week

Beatrice Montedoro

Reading and Writing Early Modern Plays

Performing Shakespeare

From the Archives to Digital Database: Encoding Early Modern Manuscript Texts

Shakespeare and Visual Culture

The Material Environments of Early Modern Drama

Shakespeare Week