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ZEMORS archive

Zurich Early Modern Online Resources Seminar

ZEMORS meets once per semester online on ZOOM and is open to anyone with an interest in digital resources for academic use. The next session will be in autum 2023.

Below you find the recordings from past sessions. Please feel free to use these as an educational resource to share with students and colleagues that might find the digital resources discussed useful for their work or studies.

The aim of the seminar is to promote the use of digital resources in early modern studies, as early as at BA level. Students are therefore very welcome, as well as academics who would like to learn more about these digital resources and how to promote them amongst their students.

In each session each speaker offers an overview of how to use a particular digital resource and then gives a practical example of how this could be used both for academic research and also by students for a research paper or thesis. 



WARNING: in order to be able to see the FULL recording you need to download the mp4 file from Dropbox. 


For a list of digital resources related to early modern drama, see the blog by Prof. Claire Bourne (Penn State University), click here.


For any information about ZEMORS or to suggest digital resources to present in future sessions please feel free to contact the organizer, Dr Beatrice Montedoro, at