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English Department The Liberian Literature Project

Works Available Online

Kona Khasu (c. 1975 and c. 2010)

One of the aims of this project is to make as many of Kona Khasu's works available online.

  • The list below provides an overview of all the texts that we have been able to make available so far.
  • For a list of all of Kona Khasu's works, see Overview of Works.

List of Works Available Online

Year Title Genre Available
1967 “The Emergence of Drama in the African Cultural Reconstruction” essay yes
1971 The Seeds of Time: A Collection of Poems                   poetry yes
1974 Homage to Africa drama excerpt
1975 Radio Interview for "Conversations with African Writers" Series interview / press yes
1976 "Blamadon: The Bud of Liberian Theatre" interview / press yes
1979 "Brief Notes on Liberian Literature" essay excerpt
1981 "Homage to Africa" poetry yes
1987 "Kona Khasu's Shattered Dream" interview / press excerpt
2013 "Kona Khasu Calls on Liberian Government to Support Arts" interview / press yes
2015 "A Partnership of Unequal Partners: Rebuilding Education Sector Governance in Post-Conflict Liberia" (as James Emmanuel Roberts) essay yes

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