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Patricia Hagan, Love and Triumph (1991)



From the novel's blurb:

"All Russia was being consumed in the terrible flames of war as the centuries-old Czarist dynasty crumbled. A prisoner in the midst of chaos and destruction, beautiful Marilee Coltrane Mikhailonov feared for her life at the hands of bloodthirsty revolutionaries. But the dashing, blue-eyed counterspy, Cord Brandt, would allow no harm to come to his bewitching captive. Across a vast continent, Cord would pursue Marilee’s elusive heart as she set out to reclaim her lost heritage. And together they'd fulfill a remarkable destiny — triumphant at last in the rapturous glow of a magnificent love.

Editorial Notes

  • Lenin also features in this novel, but the text doesn't dwell on his time in Zurich.
  • The coffeehouse Wolfa, situated in Hagan's novel in the "Schulleslgasse," may be entirely fictional.

Places Referenced

  • Schlüsselgasse ("Schulleslgasse")

Figures & Themes

Excerpt: A Coffeehouse in the "Schulleslgasse"


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Zurich in Anglophone Literatures

Zurich in Anglophone Literatures


Hagan, Patricia. Love and Triumph. New York: Avon, 1991.

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