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English Department Zurich in Anglophone Literatures

List of Zurich Texts

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Content will be added during the spring semester 2022.

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The following four genre categories are used in the list of texts below:

  • drama (plays, screenplays)
  • poetry (incl. long narrative poems)
  • fiction (esp. novels)
  • shorter fiction (short stories or novellas)
  • other (e.g. comics and graphic novels)
Author             Title               Year Genre Country           Locations          
Berrigan, Ted "Air" 1981 poetry USA Cabaret Voltaire
Berrigan, Ted "[It's Morning]" 1981 poetry USA Zurich (unspecified)
Cane, Melville "In Zurich" 1936 poetry USA Baur au Lac
Carver, Raymond "In Switzerland" 1985 poetry USA Fluntern Cemetery / Zoo Zürich
Carver, Raymond "The Poem I Didn't Write" 1985 poetry USA Lindenhof
Cicindela "Ida of Zurich" 1837 poetry UK Zurich (unspecified)
Clifton, Harry "A Spider Dance on the Bahnhofstrasse" 1995 poetry Ireland Bahnhofsstrasse / Paradeplatz
Cohen, Leonard "[It's Going to Be Like This]" 2000 poetry Canada Zurich (unspecified)
Coleman, Elliott "Joyce's Grave: Friedhof Fluntern, Zurich" 1958 poetry USA Fluntern Cemetery / Zoo Zürich
Coles, Don "[Another dream. I stand looking down]" 1987 poetry Canada Limmat
Coles, Gladys Mary "Couchette – Zurich to Bruxelles" 2001 poetry UK (England) Platzspitz / Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum)
Coles, Gladys Mary "Trapeze" 2001 poetry UK (England) Zurich (unspecified)
Crawford, Robert "Acceptance Speech" 2003 poetry UK (Scotland) Zoo Zürich
Crawford, Robert "Arbuthnott" 2003 poetry UK (Scotland) Zurich (unspecified)
Domett, Alfred "A Reveille: Lake Zurich" 1877 poetry UK (England) Lake Zurich
Doyle, Mike "Arp & Richter Meet on the Zurich Bahnhofstrasse" 1976 poetry UK (England) / Canada Bahnhofsstrasse 41
Dyment, Clifford "Bahnhofstrasse" 1955 poetry UK (Wales) Bahnhofsstrasse
Dyment, Clifford "Joyce in Zürich" 1955 poetry UK (Wales) Zurich (unspecified)
Essbaum, Jill Alexander "Zürich Hauptbahnhof" 2020 poetry USA Lake Zurich / Zürichhorn
Essbaum, Jill Alexander "Zürichhorn" 2020 poetry USA Lindenhof / Main Station (HB)
Evans, Kate Red Rosa: A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg 2015 other UK (England) Swiss National Museum / University of Zurich
Firer, Susan "Under the Blue Angel in the Zurich Train Station" 2016 poetry USA Fluntern Cemetery / Main Station (HB) / Zoo Zürich
Friebert, Stuart "In Zurich" 1974 poetry USA Zurich (unspecified)
Friebert, Stuart "The Lion's Picture" 1970 poetry USA Fluntern Cemetery / Zoo Zürich
Friebert, Stuart "The Tornado Month" 2014 poetry USA Zurich (unspecified)
Gayton, Tomás (a.k.a. Thomas L. Gayton) "Platzspitz (Needle Park)" 2000 poetry USA Platzspitz ('Needle Park')
Hagan, Patricia Love and Triumph 1991 novel USA Schlüsselgasse
Harwood, Gwen "In Zurich by the Tideless Lake" 1963 poetry Australia Bürkliplatz / Ganymede Statue / Lake Zurich
Hashmi, Alamgir "At Prayer in Zürich" 1988 poetry Pakistan Paradeplatz
Hashmi, Alamgir "Because You Really Wanted to Know How It Really Was" 1982 poetry Pakistan Jelmoli (Seidengasse 1)
Hashmi, Alamgir "Zürich Is a White Rose" 1988 poetry Pakistan Lake Zurich
Hazo, Samuel John "Dublin Twilight" 1981 poetry USA Fluntern Cemetery
Hazo, Samuel John "Splitting" 1974 poetry USA Zurich (unspecified)
Hazo, Samuel John "Yes" 2016 poetry USA Zurich (unspecified)
Howard, Richard "Portrait of Pierre Loti by Henri Rousseau, 1906 (Kunsthaus Zurich)" 1984 poetry USA Kunsthaus
Jain, Sudhir "Isolde's Dream" 2007 short story India / Canada Villa Wesendonck
James, Clive "To Michael Frayn: A Letter from Leningrad" 1985 or earlier poetry Australia Spiegelgasse 14
Jeffers, Robinson "After Lake Leman" 1962 or earlier poetry USA Zurich (unspecified)
Johnson, Kent "Poetry Blogs (of the Fourth Generation) in Zürich" 2008 poetry USA Zurich (unspecified)
Johnson, Louis "Homage to Dada: Zurich 1916: Café Voltaire" 1954 poetry New Zealand Cabaret Voltaire
Joyce, James "Bahnhofstrasse" 1918 poetry Ireland Bahnhofsstrasse
Joyce, James "Goodbye Zurich" 1934 poetry Ireland Lake Zurich
Kavanagh, P. J. "Not Being a Man of Action" 1967 poetry UK (England) Spiegelgasse 14
Kelly, John "Fluntern Cemetery, Zurich" 1991 poetry Ireland Fluntern Cemetery / Zoo Zürich
Kemp, Jan "Chagall Windows, Fraumünster, Zürich" 1987 poetry New Zealand Fraumünster
Laughlin, James "The Hetaera" 1996 poetry USA Dolder
Lobanov-Rostovsky, Sergey "Cabaret Voltaire" 1987 poetry USA Cabaret Voltaire
Mason, Stanley "Evening by the Limmat, Zurich" 1970 or earlier poetry USA Limmat
Mason, Stanley "Night over Zurich" 1970 or earlier poetry USA Zurich (unspecified)
Maurer-Alvarez, Pansy "Hot Weather Blues for Limmatquai" 1996 poetry USA (Puerto Rico) Limmatquai
McDonagh, Philip "In Fluntern Cemetery" 2003 poetry Ireland Fluntern Cemetery
Meinke, Peter "Cabaret Voltaire" 1974 poetry USA Cabaret Voltaire
Middleton, Christopher "Hotel Linde, Zürich-Oberstrass" 1961 or earlier poetry UK (England) Linde Oberstrass
Middleton, Christopher "The Lake of Zürich" 1961 or earlier poetry UK (England) Lake Zurich
Moore, Daniel Abdal-Hayy "Zurich Bird" 2008 poetry USA Zurich (unspecified)
Peck, John "A Weaving at the Zollbrücke in Zurich" 1986 poetry USA Zollbrücke
Petersen, Donald "Two at Zürich" 1963 poetry USA Dolder
Pettigrew, Richard C. "Sunday Morning in Switzerland" 1974 poetry USA Grossmünster / Lake Zurich
Ramanujan, A. K, "A Report" 1997 poetry India Letten / Platzspitz
Rawnsley, H. D. "The Statue of Zwinglius: Zurich" 1899 poetry UK (England) Statue of Zwingli
Reiss, James "Lake Night Festival" 1988 poetry USA Quaibrücke
Rowbotham, David "Zurich" 1971 poetry Australia Zurich (unspecified)
Sanders, Edward "Dada Comes to Zürich" 2000 poetry USA Cabaret Voltaire / Spiegelgasse 14
Sanders, Edward "The Birth of Perf-Po" 2000 poetry USA Cabaret Voltaire / Spiegelgasse 14
Shanahan, Charif "Lake Zürich" 2017 poetry USA Lake Zurich
Sims, Janice Seduced by Moonlight 2008 novel USA Peterskirche
Sobin, Anthony "Zurich: February 5, 1916" 1982 poetry USA Cabaret Voltaire / Spiegelgasse 14
Stoppard, Tom Travesties 1974 novel UK (England) / Czech Republic Zentralbibliothek
Sze, Arthur "Every Where and Every When" 1987 poetry USA Café Odeon
Taylor, Sheila Ortiz "Equal Access" 1989 poetry USA Zurich (unspecified)
Thompson, William Irwin "At the Grave of James Joyce in Zürich" 1996 or eaerlier poetry USA Fluntern Cemetery
Thompson, William Irwin "Limatquai, Zürich" 1996 or eaerlier poetry USA Limmatquai / Zwingli Statue
Thompson, William Irwin "Paradeplatz Passacaglias" 1996 or eaerlier poetry USA Paradeplatz
Thompson, William Irwin "Witikonerstrasse, Zürich" 1996 or eaerlier poetry USA Witikonerstrasse
Walcott, Derek "Volcano" 1976 poetry Saint Lucia Fluntern Cemetery / Zoo Zürich
Wolpé, Sholeh "Two Women at the Zurich Railway Station" 2004 poetry Iran Zurich Main Station (HB)