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Janice Sims, Seduced by Moonlight (2008)



From the novel's blurb:

"A moonlit angel—that's what Harrison Payne sees when he wanders onto the balcony of his luxury Colorado resort. The former pro quarterback knows next to nothing about the sensuous, intriguing stranger basking in the night air, except that he wants to know her much, much better.
Discovering that Cherisse Washington is the mother of a promising young skier he's agreed to sponsor is a stroke of luck—and learning that Cherisse's ex is determined to get back in her life is an unwanted setback."

Editorial Note

  • Chalets may be strongly associated with the stereotypical image of Switzerland, but they are definitely not a feature of Zurich's cityscape - even though they feature prominently in the excerpt included below. One can, of course, simply classify this as one of the many Mistakes to be found in the Zurich corpus. A more generous interpretation would be to say that, for an author interested in creating a romantic atmosphere for a predominantly U.S. audience, it simply does not matter what the 'real Zurich' looks like. Instead, what is important is to evoke a truly romantic mood – and the image of "snow-covered chalets" may be an effective way of creating that mood.

Zurich is the setting of Cherisse and Harrison's honeymoon. The description in the excerpt below is taken from the corresponding section of Sim's novel.

Places Referenced

  • Fraumünster
  • Peterskirche

Excerpt: Zurich Chalets? (p. 268)

  • See Editorial Note above for some comments about the image of "snow-covered chalets" in the city of Zurich.

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Zurich in Anglophone Literatures


Sims, Janice. Seduced by Moonlight. New York: Kimani Press, 2008.

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