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Edward Sanders, "Dada Comes to Zürich" (2000)

Editorial Notes

  • Edward Sanders has also written two other poems that refer to Dada Zurich: "Hymn to the Rebel Café" and "The Birth of Perf-Po." Like "Dada Comes to Zürich," the latter is taken from his ambitious three-volume America: A History in Verse. By including Dada Zurich in his history in verse, Sanders implies that Dada Zurich's influence on the U.S., via Dada New York, makes it an integral part of American history.
  • Contrary to what the poem suggests, Lenin lived at Spiegelgasse 14 (see also the Mistakes section).
  • From a feminist point of view, it is rather typical that Hugo Ball is introduced first, as "a German actor/playwright," while Emmy Hennings is introduced only as "his girlfriend" (i.e. she is initially definied in relation to him).

Places Referenced

  • Spiegelgasse 14 (see editorial note)

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Zurich in Anglophone Literatures


Sanders, Edward. "Dada Comes to Zürich." 1900–1939. Vol. 1 of America: A History in Verse. Santa Rosa: Black Sparrow Press, 2000. 145–146.

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