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Sheila Ortiz Taylor, "Equal Access" (1989)

Editorial Note

  • There is no indication of the speaker's or the lover's gender. Conventionally, one refers to the speaker as 'she' if the author is a woman, or as 'he' if the author is a man – except if there is some indication in the text that the speaker's gender doesn't match the author's gender. A way to avoid this problem is to refer to the speaker with the gender neutral pronoun 'they.' This would also have the advantage of leaving it open whether the lovers ought to be considered a homo- or heterosexual couple. (Sheila Ortiz Taylor is a pioneering lesbian activist and writer, which perhaps makes it even more important to highlight the heteronormative assumptions that frequently underlie the gendering of speakers and couples in literary interpretation.)

Places Referenced

  • Zurich (unspecified)

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Zurich in Anglophone Literatures

Zurich in Anglophone Literatures


Taylor, Sheila Ortiz. "Equal Access." Slow Dancing at Miss Polly’s. Tallahassee: Naiad Press, 1989. 33–34.

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