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Content will be added in the fall semester 2021 and the spring semester 2022.

Nihilists: Radicals & Spies

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  • Joseph Conrad, Under Western Eyes
  • George Alfred Henty, Condemned as a Nihilist: A Story of Escape from Sibiria
  • Joyce Emmerson Muddock, Stormlight: or, The Nihilist's Doom: A Story of Switzerland and Russia

The World Wars

  • Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow

Cold War Spies: James Bond & Co.

James Bond

This quintessential cold-war spy makes two more substantial appearances in Zurich in the following two novels:

  • Ian Fleming, The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Ian Fleming, In Her Majesty's Secret Service

In addition, and unsurprisingly, there are some passing references to Zurich banks, bank accounts, the Zurich stock exchange and other financial institutions in Casino Royale, Moonraker, Thunderball, and The Man with the Golden Gun.


  • Amanda Kyle, Club Twelve
  • Henry S. Maxfield, Legacy of a Spy

New Threats: Spies and Terrorists

to be added

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