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English Department

Bachelor Thesis (15 ECTS)


Due in part to diverging disciplinary traditions, the Bachelor Thesis module is organized rather differently in Literature and in Linguistics. However, the overall workload expected from students remains the same (15 ECTS), as do the overall learning outcomes and the required level of quality.

Note: It is strongly recommended – though not absolutely mandatory– that students choose a project that is based on a course they have attended (e.g. a Bachelor Seminar in Literature or Linguistics).

Please consult the detailed guidelines for more information:

You may also wish to consult the section on extending deadlines (only possible in cases of force majeure).


Bachelor Major (120 ECTS)

Course Type(s)

Bachelor Thesis

Module Group

Bachelor Thesis


one-semester module, offered each semester


  • Bachelor Thesis
  • graded                                                 

Language of Instruction

Prerequisites Students should have successfully written a seminar paper in the field (i.e. literature or linguistics) in which they are planning to conduct the Bachelor Thesis research and have successfully completed "Writing Skills and Media Analysis.”

The Bachelor Thesis concludes a largely independent research project in the field of either Literature or Linguistics. Students are able to: (a) draft, plan, and conduct a largely independent research project; (b) solicit appropriate feedback; (c) present their own research in C1-level academic prose.

In Linguistics, there will be a colloquium in which supplementary supervision and peer review of the research and planning process will be offered, in addition to the contact between the student and the respective supervisor.

In Literature, the supervision will be conducted on an individual basis, with students approaching their supervisor for consultation hours and advice concerning the thesis (i.e. there is no formal accompanying Kolloquium in Literature).

Learning outcomes The Bachelor Thesis shows evidence of the ability to work independently on an academic project of a suitable level within the stipulated time limit, and to present this appropriately.