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Bachelor Thesis: Guidelines Linguistics

What Is the Right Semester to Write One's Bachelor Thesis?

The ideal semester for writing the Bachelor Thesis is during one's final semester of studies at Bachelor level (see sample timetables).

In theory, students are free to book the Bachelor Thesis module at any point after completing the module group "Introduction to English Literature and Linguistics." However, it is strongly recommended that students first complete a Bachelor Seminar in Linguistics before booking the thesis module.

How to Choose a Topic?

It is strongly recommended that students choose a project which is based on a course they have attended (e.g. a Bachelor Seminar).

If a student has already written a seminar paper on this topic, then

  • they cannot write a Bachelor Thesis on exactly the same topic,
  • but they can write the Bachelor Thesis on a different topic in the same general field.

However, this is not absolutely mandatory, i.e. students may propose different topics if they feel sufficiently confident that they will be able to 'compensate' for their potential lack of background knowledge.

When to Contact Your Supervisor for the First Time?

Students wishing to write a Bachelor Thesis should, at the very least, have a relatively clear idea about the topic of their Bachelor Thesis before contacting their supervisor. Ideally, they will proceed as follows:

  1. prepare a draft outline;
  2. contact a supervisor regarding writing the Bachelor Thesis with them by email;
  3. book the Bachelor Thesis module with that supervisor.

The absolutely final deadlines for contacting the supervisor for the first time are as follows:

  • for a Bachelor Thesis to be submitted in the fall semester:  31 July*
  • for a Bachelor Thesis to be submitted in the spring semester: 15 January

* For the Autumn Semester of 2020 (i.e. HS 2020), the final deadline is the first day of classes (14 September), but preferably until the end of August.

Last Date for Submitting the Outline for the Bachelor Thesis?

Students must submit the outline by:

  • c. first week of October in the fall semester
  • c. first week of March in the spring semester

How to Book the Bachelor Thesis?

Students have to book the Bachelor Thesis early in the semester, using the UZH's official module booking tool. The booking deadlines are indicated in the course catalog.

What Kind of Support Can One Expect?

You are expected to work independently. However, there is a (non-mandatory) Bachelor Thesis Colloquium. The colloquium aims to guide students through the research and writing process, providing hands-on help as well as useful exercises for the students (e.g. in the form of workshops on research design and time management). In addition, you may contact your individual supervisor if you encounter any major problems.

What to Do If You Do Not Hear Back from Your Supervisor?

Usually, supervisors at the UZH English Department will try to respond to your queries within 48 hours (working days, i.e. not counting weekends).

Should you not not hear back from your supervisor within three to four working days, then please send them a short reminder.

If you still do not hear back from your supervisor after your second message (within three to four working days), you should contact the advisor of studies at .

How Long Does the Bachelor Thesis Have to Be?

8'000 words (excluding the bibliography and appendices, but including tables, figures, and examples; +/- 10%)

What Is the Deadline for Submitting the Bachelor Thesis?

  • in the fall semester: December 1
  • in the spring semester: June 1

In Which Form Does the Thesis Have to Be Submitted?

Unless stated otherwise by your supervisor, the Bachelor Thesis needs to be submitted as a print copy as well as in electronic form (PDF).

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