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English Department

Preparation and Programme 2023



The 2023 programme will include:

  • Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at Oxford Castle and Prison, Oxford, and As You Like It at The Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon 
  • A tour of Stratford-Upon-Avon’s Shakespearean houses
  • A visit to Holy Trinity Church (Shakespeare's Burial Place)
  • RSC Workshops and Guided Tours
  • Post-performance and Q&A session with one of the actors

...and of course pre- and post-performance discussions

Getting Ready for the Shakespeare Week


Participants are asked to read Shakespeare's As You Like It and Romeo and Juliet in preparation for the trip. We recommend using the Arden editions and to bring these books with you to the UK. 

We will share with you some tips on how to prepare best for the Shakespeare Week during the prep session on Monday, 22nd May.

Preparation material


Here you will find documents you can download in preparation for the Shakespeare Week: