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English Department Zurich in Anglophone Literatures

Refugees, Migrants & Exiles

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Further content will be added in the fall semester 2021 and the spring semester 2022.

1789: The French Revolution

  • Ann Thomas, Adolphus de Biron: A Novel Founded Upon the French Revolution

1848: The 'Springtime of Peoples'

Socialists and Other 'Radicals'

  • John Dos Passos, The 42nd Parallel (Karl August Rudloph Steinmetz, a.k.a. Charles Proteus Steinmetz)

1914-1918: World War I

James Joyce

The Dadaists


"The Airman's Escape"

1939-1945: World War II

James Joyce et al.

"The Effects of Alienation"

Louis Bromfield, "The Man Who Was in Love with Death"

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

The Trespassers

1990-2001: The Yugoslav Wars

  • Josip Novakovich, "Hats and Veils"

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Zurich in Anglophone Literatures

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