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English Department

Teaching Diploma: New Format for Sprachkompetenzprüfung Englisch

The "Sprachkompetenzprüfung Englisch" for the teaching diploma (Lehrdiplom) will be organized differently, starting from the fall semester 2015.

Rather than having to do a translation exam as well as an oral colloquium, students can now simply book the one-semester module "Language Skills for Teachers (Sprachkompetenzprüfung Lehrdiplom)." This course can be booked either as an elective module during one's Master studies, or later, as an additional requirement, during one's Lehrdiplom studies. It is a graded, 3-ECTS module, and assessment will take the form of one in-class written assignment and a final 90-minute written exam on topics covered in the course.

In the fall semester 2015, the module will be offered twice:

- Group A: Wednesdays, 14.00-15.45

- Group B: Thursdays, 12.15-13.45

The content will be as follows: "This one-semester module will focus on the language skills required by teachers of English in the classroom. We will focus in particular on issues such as error analysis and common sources of error, pedagogical grammar and contrastive issues affecting German-speaking learners, as well as methods for correcting learner English in both written and spoken forms. The aim is to reflect on language issues affecting English teachers and learners, and to equip trainee teachers with both language for the classroom and the meta-language for reflecting on their own teaching practice."

Please note that you need to book this module via the module booking tool, during the normal module booking period.

Important: If you do not manage to complete the old Sprachkompetenzprüfung (both parts!) by the end of the spring semester 2015, then you will have to pass the new module instead. It is not possible to have incomplete exams accredited (e.g. if one has passed the translation exam, but not the oral colloquium, then one cannot have this accredited in any way).

For queries relating to the new module, please contact