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English Department Marianne Hundt

Doctoral Dissertations

In Progress

Willimann, Sophie. Variation in subject argument expression in written English. (Working title)

Van Driessche, Laetitia. Prepositional phrases as a distinguishing feature of World Englishes. (Working title)



Oppliger, Rahel. Interaction and Language Change: Noun Phrase Referring Expressions in Spoken Task-Based Dialogue.


Röthlisberger, Melanie. Syntactic Weight as Determinant of Grammatical Variation in Twentieth-Century British and American English: A Parser-Based Approach (2011-2013 sole supervisor, from 2014: external supervisor at the University of Leuven).


Callegaro, Elena. Variable Article Use; A Contrastive Study of English and German (part of SPARCLING project).

Lehmann, Hans Martin. Syntactic variation, change, and lexical preference: a corpus-based study. (cumulative)


Staicov, Adina. "I feel like I'm a born again Chinese – but kinda fake": Ethnic identity construction in San Francisco Chinatown's diaspora community.


Gardner, Anne-Christine. Derivation in Middle and Early Modern English - Affixation across Dialects and Text Types.

Neukom-Hermann, Anja. Scope Inversion in English and German: A Corpus Linguistic Study of the Semantics and Pragmatics of All … Not Constructions


Senkbeil, Karsten. The Language of Sports: A Corpus-Assisted Discourse Study.

Zipp, Lena. Exo- and Endonormative Models in Fiji - A Corpus-Based Study on the Dynamics of First and Second Language Varieties with a Focus on Indo-Fijian English. VEAW G47


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