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English Department Marianne Hundt

Graduate Research Supervision

In Progress

Alhineidi, Ahmad. A Diachronic Study of the What’s X Doing Y Construction and Its Constructional Relations

Hartmann, Carlos. The 'New' and the 'New New' Singular THEY: An Empirical Study



Willimann, Sophie. Subject Ellipsis in Contemporary English: A Corpus-Based Study. (Master Thesis)

Hotz, Céline. The Representation of Scottish English in Film: Observing Artistic Dialect-Variation from 1950-2017. (Master Thesis; jointly with Shane Walshe)


Wick, Sara S. Automatic Article Correction in Academic Text - Rule-Based and Machine Learning Contrasted. (Master Thesis)

Kuci, Melinda. Raising Albanian Children in a Bilingual Setting: The Difference between Attitudes, Language Practices and Heritage Language Maintenance Strategies in First and Mixed Generation Families in the United States and Switzerland. (Master Thesis).


Johnson, Tamara. 2015. Buying Time? A Corpus-Based Study of Er and Um in New Zealand English.


Fauver, Connie. 2014. It is a truth universally acknowledged, isn’t it? ‘Hedges’ in Jane Austen’s Novels. (Lizentiatsarbeit)

Kindlimann, Moira Cécile. 2014. The Digitization of Eighteenth-Century Manuscript Letters. (Lizentiatsarbeit)

Tobler, Franziska. 2014. The use of bare noun phrase subjects: A parallel corpus-based study of English and German. (Master Thesis)

Tresch, Jeannine. 2014. “Since I’m doing language you know <,> syntax <,,,> there’s are words” Self-correction in English as a Second Language and Second Dialect. A corpus-based study of spoken Fiji and Jamaican English. (Lizentiatsarbeit)


Bächli, Daniel. 2012. Twelve Stative Verbs in the Progressive Form in Contemporary British English: Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects (Lizentiatsarbeit)

Messerli, Thomas. 2012. Laughs in Translation. A Comparison between Verbal Humour in the Original and the German Dubbed Version of The Big Bang Theory (Lizentiatsarbeit)

Meyer, Pius. 2012. On the allomorphy of the indefinite article. A linguistic-literary study. (Lizentiatsarbeit)


Visser, Katja. 2011. Sentence Complexity and Accuracy in Learner English. A Case Study on Fiji English Essays with Reference to Other Language Varieties (Master Thesis)


Sigg, Annette. 2010. Dysfluency in English as a Lingua Franca and as a First Language. A Comparison between the Use of Hesitation Markers in ELF and L1 Speech. (Lizentiatsarbeit)


Cross, Tamaryn. 2008. Be-perfect vs. have-perfect in Jane Austen's novels and modern sequels. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Klaue, Sandra. 2008. The auxiliary DO in Jane Austen's Novels and their modern sequels. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Vogel, Katrin. 2008. Glocalization? A case study on the progressive in Fijian and Kenyan English. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Wagner, Marion. 2008. Eine korpuslinguistische Analyse des Passivs mit GET im Englischen Indiens, Hongkongs und Singapurs. (Zulassungsarbeit)


Arnold, Daniela. 2007. Student's beliefs about foreign language learning: A comparison between the United States and Germany. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Hermann, Charlotte. 2007. The progressive passive in New Englishes: A case study on Indian and Singapore English. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Kliza, Aleksandra. 2007. The noun phrase in Hong Kong English. (Magisterarbeit)

Kwossek, Johannes. 2007. Language and identity in the Indian Diaspora: A case study on Indians in Germany. (Magisterarbeit)

Waßmer, Partricia. 2007. Singapur und Hongkong English - ein Vergleich anhand des get-passive. (Magisterarbeit)


Buschkühl, Anne-Christine. 2006. Morphological Changes from Old English to Early Middle English, c. 1000-1225. (Magisterarbeit)

Bieber, Simone. 2006. SMS in der Paarbeziehung – Korpus-gestützte Analyse von medial vermittelter Kommunikation. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Dose, Stefanie. 2006. European Americans and African American Vernacular English. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Haas, Catherine. 2006. Die englische Verlaufsform und ihre Entsprechungen im Deutschen: Eine kontrastive Analyse zweier Romanübersetzungen. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Heinzelmann, Stefanie. 2006. Sprachkontake English - Deutsch: Eine Fallstudie zu Lehnwendungen. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Heß, Sabrina. 2006. Hiberno-Englisch in Roddy Doyle's Barrytown Trilogy. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Kappler, Silvia. 2006. Einstellungen deutscher Schüler und Studenten gegenüber dem britischen und amerikanischen Englisch: Eine empirische Untersuchung. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Krüger, Anja. 2006. English and German in contact on the Internet: From Film to Imätschkampanje: English influence in personal German weblogs. (Magisterarbeit)

Naßutt, Julia. 2006. Cohesion in Englishes: A corpus-based study of variation. (Zulassungsarbeit)


Calvelli, Tanja C. 2005. The role of English in Europe: A diachronic study of European language policy. (Magisterarbeit)

Eckert, Julia. 2005. Code-switching, borrowing, code-mixing: a sociolinguistic approach to Patricia Grace's novel Potiki. (Magisterarbeit)

Fertig, Markus. 2005. Anglizismen in der Süddeutschen Zeitung. (Magisterarbeit)

Fröhlich, Maja. 2005. Fremdsprachenlernen vs. Fremdsprachenerwerb: Eine Grundlagenstudie zur Evaluierung von Fremdsprachenkompetenz. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Gutschmidt, Anja. 2005. "Folk dialectology": Eine Fallstudie mit Anglistikstudenten an der Universität Heidelberg. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Haake, Kerstin, 2005. The progressive in native and non-native student essays: A corpus-based study. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Jünger, Angelika. 2005. Nativisation of New Englishes: Reflexions of borrowing from indigenous languages. (Magisterarbeit)

Kaufmann, Julia. 2005. "Talking war": A linguistic comparative analysis of American and British was messages. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Schwarz, Isabelle. 2005. Das present perfect im Singapurischen Englisch – eine korpusgestützte Untersuchung. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Stier, Simone. 2005. Language Maintenance and Shift: The Case of Korean Immigrants in Western Massachusetts. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Störiko, Nina. 2005. "Typical, isn't it?": On tag questions in spoke New Zealand English. (Magisterarbeit)

Wiedenroth, Falk H.P. 2005. When chippies write about their trade: a study on concepts and the lexicon of carpentry. (Magisterarbeit)

Zier, Martina. 2005. Transcriptions and pronunciations of English by German students: A comparative study. (Zulassungsarbeit)


Kircher, Ruth. 2004. Language Attitudes in Canada in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century. (Magisterarbeit)

Raabe, Thomas. 2004. African-American Vernacular English: Form, Status, and Educational Implications. (Zulassungsarbeit)

Thiel, Anna. 2004. A corpus-linguistic approach to: Politeness devices in New Zealand Women's speech. (Magisterarbeit)


Krause-Braun, Christiane. 2003. Anglizismen in der Pressesprache der alten und neuen Bundesländer. (Magisterarbeit)