Selected Publications


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Edited volumes

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Peer-reviewed journal articles

2018a. [with Elena Seoane]. Voice alternation and authorial presence: Variation across disciplinary areas in academic English. Journal of English Linguistics 46(1): 3-22.

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2018e. [with Elena Callegaro, Simon Clematide and Sara Wick]. Variable article use with acronyms and initialisms – a contrastive analysis of English, German and Italian. Languages in Contrast published online, May 2018 [doi 10.1075/]

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Selected book chapters

Forthcoming. [with Anne Gardner]. "That idle chit chat?" The creation of female friendship through "conversation": Evidence from eighteenth-century diaries and letters. To appear in Marianne Hundt, Anne Gardner and Angelika Linke, eds. The Eighteenth Century in Ego Documents: The Individual in Society. Leiden: Brill.
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2018b. It is time that this (should) be studied across a broader range of Englishes: A global trip around mandative subjunctives. In Sandra Dehors, ed. Modeling World Englishes: Assessing the Interplay of Emancipation and Globalization of ESL Varieties. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 217-244. [doi 10.1075/veaw.g61.09hun]
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Handbook articles

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