Post-doc Research Mentoring

In Progress

Gardner, Anne. Lady Mary Hamilton's diaries: Linguistic variation and socio-historical context. (Working title)

Zipp, Lena. Stance, style and identity construction. (Working title)



Pfenninger, Simone. 2016. Beyond Age Effects: Facets, Facts and Factors of Foreign Language Instruction in a Multilingual State. (cumulative)


Bolander, Brook. Local constructions of a global community: English and Shia Ismaili Muslims in and beyond South and Central Asia. (2012 - 2014)

Biewer, Carolin. 2013. South Pacific Englishes. The Dynamics of Second-language Varieties of English in Fiji, Samoa and the Cook Islands. VEAW G52

Nesselhauf, Nadja. 2012. The Evolution of Future Time Expressions in Late Modern English: Insights into Usage and Mechanisms of Semantico-Syntactic Change. (cumulative)