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English Department Marianne Hundt

Projects and Functions

Past Projects

January 1994 - December 1996 in the context of project B 13 of SFB 312 of DfG: organisation and choice of texts for compilation of two machine-readable corpora of English (FLOB and Frown).
May 1999 - December 2002 in cooperation with the University of Lancaster (Geoffrey Leech and Nicholas Smith): compilation of a tagged version of the FLOB corpus.
January 2000 - December 2013 In cooperation with an international consortium of universities: extension of ARCHER 3 (A Representative Corpus of Historical English Registers).
June 2005 - December 2013 Compilation of the 1930s BROWN prequel B-BROWN

2013 - 2017 SPARCLING (large-scale parallel corpora to study linguistic variation) SPARCLING
March 2016 - May 2018 AGORA "Citizen Linguistics" AGORA

Ongoing Projects

Compilation of the component 'Fiji English' in the context of the International Corpus of English ICE-Fiji

Digitalisation of the Lady Mary Hamilton Archive

Prepositional Complementation across Time and Space (SNF project) PEAS


2003 - 2010 Member of ICAME's Advisory Board

From 2008 Member of the Curatorium of the specialised M.A. in Multilingual Textanalysis

2011 - 2014 Deputy Director of ZüKL

From 2013 Member of the UFSP Language and Space KorpusLab steering committee

From 2013 Co-editor (with Daniel Schreier) of English World-Wide

2014 - 2017 Director of the Zurich Centre for Linguistics ZüKL

From 2018 Member of the Editorial board of Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language


I have reviewed articles for various peer-reviewed academic journals in the past (e.g. JEL, ICAME, ELL) and abstracts for conferences (ICLCE1, ICLCE2, ICLCE3, ICAME conferences, CHRONOS 10, ICEHL 17-18, ISLE 3)

Conference and workshop organization

2010 English as a Contact Language (Symposium, Zürich, 6-9 June, 2010) [with Prof. Dr. Daniel Schreier]

2011 English in the Indian Diaspora (Workshop at the 2nd International Society for the Linguistics of English Conference, Boston, 17-21 June, 2011) [with Dr. Devyani Sharma, Queen Mary University of London

2012 Late Modern English Syntax (Pre-conference workshop to the ICEHL 17 conference, Zürich, 19-20 August, 2012)

2012 17th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics (20-25 August, 2012)

2014   3rd International Society for the Linguistics of English Conference (ISLE) (Zurich, 24-27 August, 2014)

2014   The Changing English Language: Psycholinguistic Perspectives (Workshop at the 3rd International Society for the Linguistics of English Conference, Zurich, 24-27 August, 2014) [with Sandra Mollin, University of Heidelberg and Simone Pfenninger, University of Zurich]

2016 English and Spanish: World languages in interaction (Symposium, Zürich, 27-29 June 2016) [with Prof. Daniel Schreier & Johannes Kabatek & Dr. Danae Perez]

2017 The eighteenth century in ego documents: The individual in society (Symposium, Zurich, 9-10 March 2017) [with Prof. Angelika Linke & Dr. Anne-Christine Gardner]

2017 50th Meeting of Societas Linguistica Europaea (Conference, Zurich, 10-13 September 2017) [with Prof. Johannes Kabatek]

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